Realtor Growth Hack - Delegation

Realtor Growth Hack - Delegation

So my realtor friend, on today's real estate growth hack, the subject is delegation and this is big. We have to delegate because there is so much time we need to do so many things. So delegation is one of the biggest things on the road to success. Because there are a lot of Realtors, are good, they have a lot of skills, but they don't know how to delegate. They want to do everything.

Now here are a couple of tips on how to delegate. Suppose you hire an assistant or a part-time assistant or you are sharing some help or you are in a team. You have all the help, but you don't know how to delegate.

So this is the thing you do. Take a piece of paper, white paper and make a line in between and one side you put IPA, income-producing activities. On the other side, you put non-income-producing activities NIPA. And then throughout the week, whatever you do, just list. Something you did income producing, put it on this site. Non-income producing, put on other side, like that. Also certain things you don't like to do, you push yourself to do. You do not do a good job, put it in the delegation list and then you delegate that. Because your job as a realtor is to bring business, talk to people, generate files. That's your number one job, not to do some file follow-ups which you already have the contract on. Or some other stuff like hanging the sign or there are so many different things.

So non income producing activity, income-producing activity, separate them and delegate that to your assistant or the help support you have. Hopefully, this will motivate you to start delegating. If you have any questions, give me a call. I'll be glad to discuss with you about delegation. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Residential, South Florida Home Finder Team. See you in the next video of Realtor Growth Hacks.

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