Realtor Growth Hack - Do what you Best at

Realtor Growth Hack - Do what you Best at

This one is definitely one of the top ones, do whatever you do the best and do whatever makes your business the most money.

Now in real estate, there are different kind of activities, we do from the lead generation to lead nurture to marketing to file follow ups transaction coordination, get training, so many different activities we have throughout the day, throughout the week and then sometimes because of so many different things, we forget to do the tasks that make us more money or the top 20% tasks that bring the 80% of the result.

So the answer is do that particular prospecting, what you did the best in the past, what made you more money and go 10X on that. So for example, that's the reason the teams are very successful because all the agents have a support system. So you do not waste time on the file follow up or calling the lender, calling the title company or typing up the offer. You rather take the time out and make some sales calls or do some marketing or maybe do some social media posts that can generate you more business.

So today's message for the realtors, my realtor friend is your growth hack, do what you do the best. And also in prospecting some of us are best at networking, some of us are best at cold calling. Some of us are very good with follow ups, email, follow up text, whatever you great at and whatever is working for you to do that the most. Spend most of your prospecting time on that. And that's the growth hack for today.

See you next week. Thanks for watching and all the best for 2022.

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