Realtor Growth Hack - Right CRM

Realtor Growth Hack - Right CRM

Hello, my dear realtor friends . One big question? Always most of the realtors ask which one is the right CRM?

Which one is the most effective CRM? The answer is the one you are going to use to the full effect. You can buy an expensive CRM, and if you're not using that, it's not going to help you.

Remember years back when I started my real estate journey beginning of 2000, 21 years back what happened, we used to use those cards. So all the client, the top client will be on the card and we're going to look at it.

We're going to call them the card back and the Excel spreadsheet. So Excel spreadsheet is still good today's date as long as you follow through. Now here's a question, when you master these spreadsheets. Or master the basic CRM the one you have or maybe the office provides.

Which one do you need to buy or get a subscription? So check the one has more automation means the one helps you to send a bulk text message to your clients, to your database, or bulk email. Or there is automation the Drip campaign, they have the system. Possibly they have integrated dialer, because when you have a dialer integrated the CRM, 

you can pick say 20 or 50 your client at a time and then just dial them, give them the message. Maybe you want to wish them a happy holiday. It makes the job much easier. Of course you need to have the IDX feed to your CRM actually through the website to the CRM so you can have the monthly market report or quarterly market report dripped in their inbox about the market value who are the possible sellers.

So the bottom line is automation. The CRM helps you. the automation saves your time and also, you can navigate easily. That's the right CRM for you. If you are in the market to buy another CRM, get multiple demo for a different CRMs. Don't go with the cheap ones because they're cheap. Going for one is going to save you time. That's the right CRM.

Hopefully, this information will help you to grow your business. All the rest for 2022.

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