Realtor Success Mindset - Talk Less, Listen More

Realtor Success Mindset - Talk Less, Listen More

Hey, my friend, Realtors. This one is big for the realtor success hack. And that is talk less, listen more. This is one of the things I saw many times, the Realtors, talk so much, they don't ask any questions or make very little question to the client, to the prospect, the seller or the buyer or the investor. We have to ask a lot of questions. Listen to them, and then give our educational advice or whatever needed to the client.

Not just talk, even showing a lot of Realtors, just this is kitchen, this is bedroom. Hey, the client can see this is a kitchen. Just tell them any special features for that house. For example, when you enter, you say, okay, so the master bedroom will be on the right hand side and other bedrooms will be on the left hand side. The door by the family room opens to the backyard, not the other door, something like that. How old is the A/C? How old is the roof? Say what the client cannot see, not visible to the client. Talk to them about those and then listen when they are looking around, walking through the house, what they're talking between husband and wife or between the family members. Listen to that and then give an answer if they have a question.

So, adapt to this habit, ask a lot of questions. Because asking questions, we know the problem, we know what clients want, and then we can give them a solution. Again, the success is in the solution. So stop talking a lot, ask questions, let the client talk.

So hopefully this information is going to help you a lot to grow your business. I'm glad to help you guys. Give me a call. My name is Shawn Bhakta. 22 years in real estate in South Florida. And I'm glad to help you.

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