Realtor success strategy - find your niche.

Realtor success strategy - find your niche.

Hey my friend, if you are a real estate agent, and if you want to be super successful, here is another success strategy for super successful real estate agents and that is you have to find your niche. The reason behind a lot of time I see the real estate agents, are like oh, I want to do all the businesses, what comes to me. Like, it can be a rental, can be a buyer, can be a condo buyer, can be a single-family buyer, a seller, it can be anything, it comes I serve.

You cannot be a super successful like that. You have to have your niche. For example, if you are an expert with the investors, you understand the investment game at a high level, target the investors. You promote yourself as an investors specialist, read books on that, do videos on that or anything, marketing on that, generate leads on that. If you want to focus on listing, just focus on listing because you cannot focus on buyer and the listing and everything. Yes, of course, if you are a listing agent and there will be some buyers, you have to serve some buyers because they call from your listing. Whatever way, your sphere of influence called you and send you a referral, that is fine. But you have to have 80% of your business, something that you want to do, you love to do and that's the one you are expert because you spend a lot of time to gain that knowledge and that particular business. So it can be a buyer's agent and that is fine. You can be a listing agent because then you are getting an expert on that. For investors, you can be something different, maybe a condo specialist, maybe you are a specialist with the family for the single-family homes. Or you can be a specialist for a particular area.

So don't go all over the town and try to collect businesses because that's not going to make you successful. The thought of, okay anybody comes, anything comes, I do business, that is not a strategy of a super successful agent because there's only so many times in the day and only so many times to put on your business. So remember, find the niche, find the part of the business you love and just go with it. That is today's message. Hopefully, this is going to help you to grow your business to the next level because you deserve it. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team and I'm glad to help.

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