Realtor success strategy - Treating your business as a TRUE Business.

Realtor success strategy - Treating your business as a TRUE Business.

Hey, my friend, if you're a realtor, you're at the right place here because I'm talking about success strategy for real estate agents. And today I'm going to talk about another great point, and that that is treating the business as a true business. We are in sales business and sometimes we kind of mix with the sales side of the business and the building side of the business.

So one is the sales and the other one is building the business. Now, what is the difference? The difference is sales is you get a client, you go hunt the client, you've got a client, you show them the house or list their home, you sold it, you make money. That is only production means money-motivated action. When you're building the business, it has a more important aspect to that. It is vision-driven. You're going to make the money automatically because you are building your business. And you're treating your business as a true business means you're working on not only the sales, you also working on making strategies, putting the system together, continuously improving the business. If you are doing something yesterday, today you are doing something better than yesterday. You're hiring skillful people or high mindset team member for your business. And you have an "org chart" means you know where your business today and you know where your business will be in a year later or two years later or five years later. That is very important.

You got to keep that visible so you know where you going and what action you need to take today or six months from now to make your business grow. So you got to treat your business not just as a realtor, as a business person. Like, whatever things needed, everything from the tracking to the business plan to the finance plan to the system together with the strategy checklist of everything you're going to work on and you're going to keep it on the right order. And that is treating the business like a true business. So start treating your business as a true business, not just a real estate agent and you'll see the growth.

Hopefully this information is going to help you. Thanks for watching. Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team. Glad to help.

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