Renters, get freedom from your landlord. Stop renting.

Renters, get freedom from your landlord. Stop renting.

 Happy July 4th, my friend. Happy Independence Day. And if you are a tenant who is renting currently and your lease is going to be up in a few months, you must listen into this message. And it is scary to tell you that your finances may be in challenges down the road. I had a few of the people I know and they're renting right here in South Florida, in Broward County, and Miami-Dade County. Their rent suddenly, as soon as the lease is up, went up 25% to 30% in one shot. The landlord is saying that either you pay that rent or find another property. In the last two years the rent went up so much because of the lack of properties and a lot of migration to South Florida here, especially in Miami-Dade County, and Broward County. We had a huge hike in the rent.

For example, if someone was renting for $1800 a month, right now the exact property is $2,500 a month. And as soon as this lease is over, the landlord is reaching out and saying that, hey, either you pay the new rent amount or I know that I can get a tenant in a heart bit. So, my friend, my suggestion is if you have some months left on your lease, check with the mortgage broker, check with a real estate agent, and give me a call. Let's sit down and discuss your options to buy a home. Yes, the prices went up, but the interest rate went up a little bit in the beginning of this year, but still it's a good interest rate. Check the monthly payment you are going to have. Because until you find that out, you don't know. So knowledge is power. My suggestion will be to check with the lender, Check with the realtor and find the qualification you have. Find the power you have. You never know how much buying power you have or the mortgage actually, you have to pay and compare the rent with the mortgage.

It's not the rent you pay today. It's about the rent you're going to pay six months from now.  The rent you're going to pay a year from now. Maybe you just renewed your lease and you say, okay, I'm good for one year. Yes, you are good for one year because you've locked the leasing agreement or your landlord is locked in the leasing agreement. But what happened after the end of the year? So again, it's not the amount of rent you're paying right now. It's about what the market is paying rent for that particular property. Check it out. 

You can give me a call always and then I can check that for you because that is the future. Give me a call if you have any question. And let's be free from your landlord in this Independence Day. Do you promise to yourself that, hey, you know what? Either today or tomorrow I'll be free from renting. So this July 4, let's have the freedom of owning your own home. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential,  South Florida Home Finder Team. I'm here and I'm glad to help.

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