Selling my home, even though market is hot, can I lose out? Part 6

Selling my home, even though market is hot, can I lose out? Part 6

You are in the process of selling your home. And the concern is, am I going to lose money or not get the right price for my home? Even though it's a seller's market, that's the right concern. There are many sellers are not getting the value of their home they deserve and they're losing out. And today we're going to talk about reason number six, why a seller can lose out. Welcome to Real Estate Tips for South Florida.

Here is tip number six is the proper communication with the Inspector and the appraiser. And this is one of the reasons you need to pick the right realtor, the real estate expert, the knowledge broker. Because it is very important when the Inspector comes to the home to inspect, do a proper communication with the realtor. Check with them, if they want any information, give it to them. Have that right vibe, and right communication, because I saw two inspections report on one property is totally different. One Inspector gave like, there are 100 problems. The other Inspector said, no, those problems are very minor. So some Inspector can break the deal, some Inspector can make the deal.

And the other thing is also the appraiser. I saw in the past, the same home appraised $40,000 more within a month's time. That's just like a 10% value, more or less within a month. And it's not the market was changing that much in that month is the appraiser. Some appraisers can be very picky. Some appraisers can be a little bit easy. So really, it doesn't matter. You got to give enough information to the appraiser because sometimes they may not have all the comps. What do we do, we check in the MLS, we check off the market sales from the county record or some other resources and give it to the appraiser to justify the value. So communicating with the Inspector and the appraiser is very important for your realtor when you're selling your home. It's your money, don't leave the money on the table. Hire the right Realtor. Get the most out of your sale of the property.

Hopefully, this information is going to give you the right knowledge to pick the right professional. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team. I'm glad to help.

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