The Myth is, I don’t need a Realtor to sell my home in this hot Seller Market. Is it true?

The Myth is, I don’t need a Realtor to sell my home in this hot Seller Market. Is it true?

Yes, that could happen, only if you hire just any kind of agent. However, when you hire an experienced agent such as us, you will get high-quality service. Your property would be marketed and targeted to the specific buyers that are looking in your area that fit the description of your home. You will get the bidding war. You will receive multiple offers on your property. And don't forget the negotiation. First of all, when those offers come picking up the right one, there is a lot of work involved. Probably many Realtors don't do that and you may have a bad experience and that's what you want to do. 

Negotiation is a big skill, that the top Realtors have. And through the negotiation, they can get you way more money than you're paying as a fee. And negotiations are done at different stages, when getting the offer, and multiple times And we have other videos also, you can watch them.  There are at least six, seven times we negotiate for our clients, for your interest. Adding to this, we can add what about the security? What about the protection that you might have at your home? You're living in that home, so you're going to open the door to anyone. That's one of the reasons you should hire an agent. Because the people who will enter your home will have like a filter, you're safe.

The second part is to take into consideration will be the legal aspect. The contract is something very important. You have the time, which is the essence. You need to understand the contract and who's better than a very experienced agent to guide you through. At the end, when you have yourself, you will have a peaceful life. No one will come back to you to ask for repairs, to ask for any title issues. You will have a peaceful life. That's what an agent can do for you.

Hopefully, you found this information to provide you with some real value and hire an expert agent to be able to provide you a stress-free transaction. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Myth Versus the Truth. Shawn Bhakta and the team, REMAX Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team.

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