Here is another major reason why most of the Realtors fail in the business. And the reason is they are not capable of handling the stress.

You have to understand one thing. The real estate transactions, especially a residential transaction, is all based on the emotion of the client.

There are a lot of clients. Some of the clients may have to sell their home or buy a home. Lots of them don't have to because the reason they're doing it for emotional reasons. Either they want to downgrade, they want to upgrade or they want to buy another property that matches their lifestyle.

Now, as a realtor, as a representative of the real estate activity,  a real estate agent, if we don't understand their emotion and we don't be with our clients at each and every step with their emotion is going to be very stressful. So one of the jobs we have as a real estate agent is to reduce the stress of the client, make it as smooth as possible, by educating the client, communication between all parties. There's a lot of different parties involved, the lender, the Inspector, the appraiser, the title company,  the seller's attorney, buyer's attorney.... you name it. Another agent, either you are a listing agent. There's a buyer's agent involved or vice versa.

So there could be one of them who may mess up anything, and drop the ball. There could be a lot of stress for everyone. So handling the stress is the very important thing and that's what we get paid for. So you need to know how to handle the stress, how not to get to you. Because a lot of times. I see the Realtors, they will come to the office and then guess what. First thing in the morning, they're talking about this transaction this person is bad, that transaction, that person is bad. It can be anyone attached to the transaction. It could be another realtor or the title company or client, whatever.

So when you're thinking of the solution of a problem, you're not going to stress yourself. Because now you have to really work on getting that solution for your client. Be that rockstar real estate agent for your client. So my suggestion is, in this stressful business of Real estate, don't get the stress get to you. Think about the solution always. You ask your broker, ask your team leader, ask your coworker.  And always two brains are better than one brain. You'll get the solution. For yourself. Definitely, always think about the solution.

Do not take the stress because one of the major reasons the realtors fail is that they cannot handle the stress. But again, this is a business and you gotta respect everyone's emotions and get that balance. Bring that solution. That's the way to go.

I wish you all the best for your real estate. Give me a call if you have any questions.

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