Top Reasons Realtors FAILS - Focusing on MONEY OVER SERVICE

There is a high percentage of failure as a real estate agent, 87% of the realtors give up their license within two years.

They never renew their license. Why?

Here is reason number two for failing in real estate business as a realtor, a real estate agent.

Focusing on the money over the service.

So here's the thing that happens, there are a lot of Realtors, they go for money over thinking of quality service to the client.

They think,  if I'm listing a $400,000 house, the gross Commission is like this. And then what they do to cut the competition,

They go to the seller's house and say you know what, I can cut my Commission to half and I can sell your home. 

But that's not the way to go. The way to go is the service. Make sure the service you are providing to your client, either a buyer, seller, renter, you are making it more quality. Every single day. You got to focus on the quality of the service because in real estate,

we don't sell any products. We sell someone else's home to someone else. The thing in the middle is the quality service, communication, educating the client, and giving them the best for their interest.

So what happens when someone is focusing on the money and then forget about the service, is they never grow.

This is a business of relationships. This is a business of quality service. So my friend Realtors, focus on making your service more quality.

To do that, get coaching, join a company, join a team or realtor where you can learn more, not just for yourself, for your clients,  that you can provide your client a better service.

Knowledge is power. Once you have more knowledge about the business, you can provide a better service to your client. So again,  focus on service, not the money. Money will automatically come once you keep up with the service. Our coach, Tom Ferry said you want to make more money, solve bigger problems. So that's the key. Get coaching, get a mentor, get an accountability partner. Whatever it takes, this is your business. Make sure you focus on service. You will automatically be successful.


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