Hello my friend Realtors. You know, the realtors can be very successful. But again, there's 87% failure in the industry as a real estate agent.

My goal is to give the right knowledge so,  I can help or inspire you to get to the next level you want.

Now here is another reason why a realtor, real estate agent fails. It is the lack of consistency. Of course we know we got to be consistent to be successful in anything. But here's the key, any lead sources  or any business idea we have. And when we implement that is not really suggestible we must be consistent rather than just do it one day. 

Our coach Tom Ferry says, "Go deep on that. Don't spread yourself thin”. Because when you pick a lead source or a couple of lead sources, you don't need to pick 10 lead sources or 20 lead sources. Pick 3 lead sources and then allocate time every single day, even 30 minutes on each. It doesn't have to be longer hours. But doing it every single day repeatedly that’s what is going to give you the result.

So consistency is very important to be successful in this business, not just doing one day. One day I feel good, okay, I do prospecting for 5 hours and then the next 5 days nothing. It is not going to give the result. You got to be consistent even for a little bit. Some days are good. Do it for a longer time. Some days are not good. Some other stuff came up, but at least do that at the minimum non-negotiable amount you have for yourself.

So consistency is the key. And then you'll see once you are consistent on some project or any kind of particular lead source, either is reaching out to your  sphere of influence or past client or going for any organic leads through Facebook or Google. Anything you're doing, just be consistent.

Do it consistently and I can guarantee you that it's going to get you success.

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