If you are a real estate agent and have not had the success you want, I wanted to let you know that there is a high percentage realtors fail within the first two to five years. I wanted to do this video to help you to know where they are failing so you can block them and be successful.

There is another reason the real estate agent fails is the lack of system and the process. A system is very important for any business because the way it goes, you have a plan, we do the business plan, and how many transactions you want to do, how much Commission you want to earn and all the whole details. The marketing plan, the prospecting plan and so on. But then it comes to the system and the strategy. The system is how to delegate. If you're using any automation or not. Are you hiring somebody to help you and also your own system. Your Calendar to block your time. What are the different activities you will do for yourself that's bringing you the production and profit.

So most of the realtors will lack the system and the process. So what happens? Most of the real estate agent they don't take seriously as a business. When you take seriously as a business, what you're going to do, you're going to systemize your business means you need to prospect. You know, you need to do some file follow-ups. You got to do networking because it's all about who you know, you got to meet more clients. You need to have a plan and goal for how many conversations you're going to have on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis. So having that plan, having that system is very important. If any real estate agent thinks okay, I just wake up. I'm a 1099 employee, so nobody is there to tell me what to do. And whenever I feel like I'm going to do the phone calls, whenever I feel like I want to do networking. 

That way the business will go nowhere.

So here's my advice: systematize it. Have that plan, have that itemized action plan. What are you going to do on each goal or each lead sources and then delegate the one that is not making that much money, the one that is the admin work. Delegate that and then you do what you do the best  is the sales. Listing appointments, buyer appointments,  showings, whatever makes more money, negotiation and all that.

Don't go to an inspection appointment and sit there  for 2 hours. Even you sitting there for 2 hours, also, get some phone calls, take your phone book and Ipad with you. So at least you can do some follow-ups from there. You got to be very mindful about how you use your time and how you are systemizing your business. So do not lack on the system and the process. Have checklists on everything.

For example, if you're going to do an open house, what are the pre-checklist for the open house? What are the checklist for during the open house and what are the checklists about what are the things you are going to do after the open house, and the follow-up. This is very important.

So have a system and the process in place and I can guarantee you that you'll be very successful in real estate. This is a short video. If you have any questions, give me a call. With over 21 years of experience in Southeast Florida residential real estate, I can definitely help you.

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