Top Reasons Realtors FAIL - Lack of Vision

There is a high percentage of failure as a real estate agent, 87% of the realtors give up their license within two years. They never renew their license. Why?................................... The reason Number one is lack of vision. Most of the Realtors come to the real estate industry. Either they got a license, the first career or they come from another industry for money. There's nothing wrong with that or watching the HGTV thinking like it's very easy to show property and, you know, make Commission. But the real business is way far from there. This is a business. So the Realtors who are successful, they are focusing and treating the business as a business. They have a business plan. They have a strategy. They treat their business not just, whenever they wake up, call their client. They have a strategy for everything. If you are getting a license or thinking of getting into real estate or not having enough success, make sure that you have a vision about your business. Treat it as a business. Have a plan, goal. One year plan, two year, a five year plan, ten year plan. Where you will be and what will take to be there. Most of the realtors look at how much percentage of the Commission I'm going to get.

Hey, even if you get 100% Commission and get like a zero or one deal, it's not enough money. You have to think about the growth,  not the percentage. The growth where you will be, what support you will get, wherever you join, either you joining a team or you joining an office. How the growth plan is. Have a vision of your business. Five years from now, ten years from now. Draw that up and act on that. I can guarantee you your success. 

If you just come here to get a transaction here and there, or whenever you feel like you do the business, you don't grow yourself enough. You don't learn enough. You don't walk on your growth enough. I can guarantee a failure. So hopefully this information is going to make you successful and rethink your real estate business as a real business and give you a lot of success.


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