What is BRRRR strategy?

What is BRRRR strategy?

B-R-R-R-R strategy in Real Estate Investing, welcome to Wealthy Wednesday. So this is a strategy, called BRRRR strategy to build wealth through rental property.

So B means Buy. You buy a property first and then the next R is Renovate. So you buy the property with the finance or cash whatever way you want to buy. Then you renovate the property because you buying something needs some repairs, you're buying at a cheaper price. Then you renovate after renovating the property, then the next R is you Rent it.

So when you rent the property you're having some cash flow because you have to make sure that the mortgage payment and the expense you have the rental price is more than that. So you could have a cash flow. Then the next one is the Refinance.

Because now your property is worth more than what you purchased. Because you purchased the property, what needs renovation. So now the property is renovated and also a few months have passed by. So you got equity gains. So you refinance the property or even if you bought the property for cash, you can refinance and get the cash out and then the last R is Repeat. So you repeat the process. So buy another one and then do the same thing. So buy, renovate, rent, refinance and repeat. That's the BRRRR method.

Hopefully, you can use this strategy and accumulate one after another rental property for yourself. Hopefully this information will help you to build some wealth for yourself. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential. Glad to help you.

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