What is the best way to get into real estate investment as a beginner?

What is the best way to get into real estate investment as a beginner?

Here is another question what is the best real estate investment for beginners? Now, these are beginners who probably have no money and no experience, and just want to start out. Welcome to Wealthy Wednesday.

Let's talk about this how a beginner can step into real estate investment. The best way to do it, the very best way to do is doing wholesaling. I can tell you something that one of the things people like even real estate agents or an investment person who does regular investment, they hate to do phone calls. Many of them, Not all of us, many of us hate the phone call and that's what the business is hiding. Get into an agreement either with a real estate company or investment company and you say you know what, I'm ready if you train me I'm ready to do phone calls for you and generate wholesale leads for you who is likely to sell their home for cash. And that is the best way to use your sweat equity even if you can just spend 2 to 3 hours  a day, being consistent you can really make a good amount of money for you from real estate investment.

So that is one way to do it and then the second way, if you want to do it full time get a license. Give us a call we are always hiring. We are looking for a growth mindset, a high mindset people and if you are one of them and want to be successful with real estate, you are welcome here. Get a license and let's get start the training and make the fortune for yourself and your family. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team. Doing real estate for 23 years in South Florida and I'm glad to help.

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