What is the right partnership in Real Estate Investment and who will be the right partner?

What is the right partnership in Real Estate Investment and who will be the right partner?

Should I invest in real estate with a partner? Big question because you want to be profitable, not to lose out. Welcome to Wealthy Wednesday.

A lot of time we want to do real estate investment  but we don't have all the components, the funding, the skills, the time availability or the resources. We may not have it, so we may need a partner. And there's nothing wrong to have a partner in the real estate investment. And actually sometimes it's good but you have to pick the right person. The number one thing is the mindset. You have to make sure that partner, the investment partner you're getting has the same mindset as you, because you don't want a different personality or especially different mindset and then during the process you guys always like hitting each other's heads. That's not going to be profitable for any of you. So you got to have that understanding, got to have a partner who is trustworthy. Check the past, what they did, and how they did handle their business in the past, the reputation, that's very important. Either you are doing a partnership, lending some money or you are doing a partnership with your skill and the time you're involved with this partnership, you don't want a problem at the end of the day. 

So a trustworthy partner is always someone you need to partner with. Again, make sure that the partner is, both of you are a good fit for starting that partnership. So that's basically all during the partnership, of course, there will be differences  of thoughts, differences of ideas and so those things can be worked out. The mindset has to be right. So that's very important. All the best for your new partnership for real estate. Hey, why not? If you have never done real estate, my advice would be get into it because that's the best way to build up wealth for your family. Give me a call. I'm doing real estate investment for over 15 years. I'm doing real estate for my 23rd year in South Florida and I can definitely help you. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team and I'm glad to help.

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