What to look for before hiring your real estate agent - Seller’s version

What to look for before hiring your real estate agent - Seller’s version.

Hey, my friend, if you are thinking of selling your home and at the initial stage, hiring your real estate agent, today I'm going to discuss what to look for in your real estate agent as a seller. Welcome to Real Estate Tips for South Florida.

Now, being a seller is totally different than being a buyer. A couple of things are common. So one of the things you want is your realtor has enough knowledge about marketing your property. Not just put in the MLS and then let the other realtor come. No, that real estate agent has to take professional photographs of your home because these days everyone is looking at the property online first. So no cell phone pictures. I see so many real estate agents are putting their cell phone's ugly pictures in the MLS, then it's going to the internet and it does not justify your home. So that's a no-no. Has to be that professional real estate agent who is using professional services. That's number one.

Number two is they have a good attorney to support your transaction, not just let go of the buyer's title. Normally what happened, the buyer picks the tile company, and the listing agent doesn't care. They say, okay, let's keep it over there. Now you are paying for a service, so they should refer you to a real estate attorney who is experienced and who is dedicated to your service. 

Number three is they should also know about the buyers' qualification process. So if a buyer comes just with a pre-approval letter, not good enough. As a listing agent, I can tell you before even submitting the offer to you or going through the whole discussion, we do a lot of background work. We talk to the buyer's lender, we check and get detailed approval from the lender, check with a lot of different things on the approval. So we make sure that the buyer is going to close.

The other thing is, must be a negotiation expert. because when the buyer makes an offer, of course, the buyer's agent is trying to negotiate in every different step. Six to eight times we have an opportunity to negotiate as a buyer's agent. So the listing agent has to be very tough on the negotiation and be practical in the negotiation, not just tough. So these are the things: marketing, attorney support, the negotiation.

I know traditionally, a lot of people ask do you sell any house in this particular neighborhood or do you live in this neighborhood? I'll tell you something, these days this is irrelevant. When I started my business back in the year 2000, it was different. No internet in those days, yeah, you needed somebody who probably lives in that particular area to do more open houses or do more networking locally. Right now, buyers can come from anywhere in the world. So you need a marketing expert who can market your property to today's date in the 2022 way, 2023 way actually, sometimes in an advanced way. So that's very important.

So hopefully, this information is going to help you pick the right real estate agent for your next transaction of selling your home. My name is Shawn Bhakta, Team Leader in the REMAX Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team, and I'm also a Tom Ferry coach. And I'm glad to help.

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