What will be the best way to invest $50,000 in real estate investment?

What will be the best way to invest $50,000 in real estate investment?

The best way to invest $50,000 in real estate!! Welcome to Wealthy Wednesday. I saw this question in Quora and I thought, why not make a video out of that? Here's the answer. In real estate directly, you can do two major investment strategies. One is fix&flip, and the other one is buy&hold. The buy and hold strategy is you can definitely buy a property using that $50,000 and get the residual income. But the problem is you don't see the return on the investment immediately because you're spending the money and then you're getting a monthly payment. And then you see a little bit of profit every month, and then the property gains the equity. Also, to buy a property, you need credit, sometimes some income or so, depending on the loan program you're getting. So that's one thing. 

The best way will be to fix and flip with getting a partner. Here you have $50,000. Say you get a partner who is good with the repair contractor, okay? So what you do is say, look, you'll be in charge of all the repairs and I am going to get the property and then maintain the payment and all that stuff. Suppose you get a small property, maybe a little property, say in South Florida, maybe in Homestead. You still can get some properties for like $200,000. And then you can put money and then repair and sell it for me for $300,000, whatever it is. Talk to a lender. There are some companies, that give you a loan based on the equity on the property. So reach out to them. The credit is not a big deal for them because they give an investment loan. So you get the property with that $50,000. Maybe use 40k or 45k because leave the rest for the monthly payments and so, and have that contractor person, your partner, spend the money for repairs. That person will be in-charge to buy all the supplies, do the repair and share the profit 50/50. Do a couple of deals like that, two, three, or four of them in the partnership. Then once you get enough money accumulated and enough experience, then you can do it by yourself. So having a great partner who is good with the repairs, a contractor or a handyman, who has some money, and who's interested in a partnership. A 50/50 partnership will be the best way to fix and flip using your $50,000.

Hopefully this information is going to help you make enough profit from your next real estate investment and grow your $50,000 to $500,000. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team. Doing real estate investment for 15 years, doing real estate for 23 years. And I'm glad to help. 

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