What’s the difference between being a Real Estate Salesperson and a Business Person in Real Estate?

What’s the difference between being a Real Estate Salesperson and a Business Person in Real Estate?

Hey my friend I'm going to talk about what is the difference between a real estate salesperson and a business person. Means like I'm a business person by the way I help with real estate rather than I'm a real estate salesperson.

So here's the thing, we all start as a salesperson, means, getting that client, getting the buyer, get that seller, get the file, close it, process it, make sure it's closing, attend the inspection, attend the appraisal, do regular follow up with the title company, mortgage company, the other real estate agent, buyer, seller and get to the close. What happened? File close and again, hunt for new clients. So, because of that lot of time we have an inconsistent income. Sometimes the income is good, sometimes it's low, sometimes when the market changes we get scared, especially now when the interest rate is so high a lot of buyers are kind of on a hold to buy their next home or the sellers are also concerned about what's going to happen to the market. So it's a challenging market now and that's the time a real estate salesperson will have challenges. Because they are kind of like making money, doing business as they go.

On the other hand being a business person means whatever works for you, suppose the top three lead sources work for you, you put it  together you make a strong lead pillar between those three lead sources and build up your database, and nurture them on a regular basis. You have your sphere of influence, your past client or your neighbors, your community, the whole database but you have a plan in place. You get the online lead, you have a plan in place, you do open houses, you have a plan in place. So putting that system in place is very important and then what happens when you get busy? You delegate that. You hire somebody, you delegate that because you know exactly what to delegate. If you don't have a plan in place you really don't know what to delegate. I do everything. I can only do the things you know the best. Wrong! There are a lot of people out there who can do certain things better than you. This is a controlled, micromanagement thing going on in our head that we can do everything best that is totally wrong. So that's the way you become a business person.

Now you have a business, not 10 transactions a year. Now you're doing 100 transactions a year. You cannot do it by yourself. So you have staff, you have your assistant, you have your buyer's agent or even if you can do a partnership with somebody with equal status and we are helping each other and you know that person is strong in this, let them do that. I'm strong in this, let me do that. We all have enough time to put into the business. We are not overwhelmed and we are not dying for the business because we are living the business. So that is the difference between just a salesperson or a business person having a real estate business. So that's the goal.

If you have any questions, you can always call me. I can guide you to put the system together. My name is Shawn Bhakta from RE/MAX Presidential  South Florida Home Finder Team. Also a Tom Ferry Coach and I'm glad to help.

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