Why Families are moving from Miami-Dade to Broward County.

Here are a few reasons why families are selling their home. In Miami-Dade county and moving to Broward County.  If you check censors.gov. Migration map, you'll see there's a major the most people who are moving out of Miami-Dade County, then moving to Broward County. Of course, you know, it's just next County to the north side. Now the reason number one is the same exact home, exact kind of the neighborhood in Broward County is way cheaper than my Miami-Dade county. So when you're selling your home in my Miami-Dade county at this price and making that profit out, so you don't have to invest all the money buying the same home in Broward County, and Secondly, you paying less and you're not compromising your lifetime. So that's number one. Reason number two in history, this is the best time to sell your home because people are paying the most price.  Now one of the challenges I'm getting from the home seller. Hey, I want to sell my home, but where do I go? I don't want to sell and buy in a high price. But if you're selling your home in Miami-Dade County and moving to Broward, keeping the same lifestyle, you don't have to. So again, as a seller right now, the interest rate is so low, buyers are paying the top price. So this is the time to sell. So reason number two is the take advantage of the top seller market. This is number three. If you love multicultural life with the food or the culture,  there is no better place for moving to Miami-Dade to Broward County, you still have the same kind of food, different international food here, South American, European and you name it. And you are not far from my mind county. So you're still keeping your culture. Having the same food is available and you making a shift. Are you making an upgrade for your family to buying a homeright here in Broward, not compromising anything and saving money. And Reason number four, as you know, the Broward County has a less saturate population than my Miami-Dade county. So a lot of things, you get cheaper, there's a lesser demandof everything in Broward County, then Miami-Dade county. You know, even just talk about the parking space. You know much easily you get a parking space,  when you go to the mall or anywhere compared to Miami-Dade country. So these are the few reasons people are moving from Miami-Dade county to Broward County. You can check the map in census.gov. So if you are in Miami-Dade county and thinking of selling your home and you're on the fence. let's connect.

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