You must know this before listing your vacant home for sale - Part 2.

You must know this before listing your vacant home for sale - Part 2.

If you are listing your vacant home for sale, here are a couple of things you must know, what kind of problem you can face and what's the solution. Welcome to today's episode of Real Estate Tips for South Florida.

So this is part two. And the second biggest problem you can have is a squatter on your property. You may think how come somebody gets a key? You may think how come someone will get in the property and then I will not even know until they settle. It happens. It happened before and is happening now. So we have to be very careful.

What happens when you list a property for sale? And if it is a vacant home. Looking at the picture, a lot of people will know. 

There are some scammers, who will put it on Craigslist or a similar website. They put that property even though you put in for sale, they put it as for rent. And of course, they put it for cheaper than the market rent. And then some people will fall for that. They will be excited, oh my God, I can rent this property for my family for cheap. They will contact them and somehow they get the key. Either those scammers are good with the locks. They know how to change the lock, break the lock like a locksmith. And they do. They give the key to the family, the family move in and then you go there and get this, I'm renting the property. Who are you? Because someone rented the property and this is the thing happening. It happened a lot of times.

So be very careful with that. So how can you solve that? When you are putting a property, your vacant property on the market. And this is a must. You make two signs, one in English and one in Spanish and put it from the inside the window that this property is not for rent, if you have any questions, put your number or your Realtor's number. So that the way when those family, they fall for the scammer, they come this is not for rent. Then they will not rent. Number two, have your realtor put the sign in front of the yard. So when they come and see the sign for sale, they call the Realtors. I got calls many times on vacant properties. We do take precautions so this thing doesn't happen. And the other thing you can do, of course, you can let the neighbors know that on both sides and opposite sides that this property is for sale. I'm selling. Introduce yourself so they can keep an eye. And also you let them know I'll keep you updated when I get a contract so they can let you know if something is happening like squatters are coming. Or somebody just fell for the scammer's false information and then gave somebody money and rented the property. So protect your assets. 

Give me a call if you have any questions on listing your vacant home or any other real estate questions. My name is Shawn Bhakta from RE/MAX Presidential, South Florida Home Finder Team. Glad to help.

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