You must know this before listing your vacant home for sale.

You must know this before listing your vacant home for sale.

If you are planning to put your vacant home for sale in the market, you must know this problem you may have. And what's the solution? Welcome to today's episode of Real Estate Tips for South Florida.

So here is the number one problem you may face when you list your vacant home. Because of the Internet, today date there is no secret listing.

Everything is out there. Your home photos are out there. Information is out there because also you need to be out there so you can get the buyer for your property. What happens once you put those photos of the listing on the Internet and it goes everywhere, the thieves check and they say, hey, this home is vacant. They pass by the home. If the neighborhood is very quiet, they come in the night and steal the appliances. Steals the air conditioning unit. So you have to be very careful.

Now, what's the solution? Number one thing, whenever you list a vacant home, you let the neighbors know that, hey, can you please keep an eye?

If you see something, give your phone number. Put your phone number or your realtor's phone number down on the window. So if someone passing by, see something not right, they can call you. That's number one. Number two, let the local city police station know you can register your home as a vacant home. So what happens? The police officers will pass by a few times during the night, especially just to check on the home. The city does the free service for the local homeowners.

And then the other thing you can do is to set an alarm. Now, what happens? Most of the alarm companies only monitor if there's WiFi. So what we did, you can Google it, we use a Brink. So they have a plan where you buy the equipment and they charge you a month to month fees and they monitor without the WiFi. As long as you have the electricity on. So you just connect with the electric and they will monitor. They'll let you know if somebody break into the house without your permission, anytime. So definitely protect your home. 

On a vacant listing these days, the good people out there, we want them to buy your home. But then the bad people out there are also who are looking to steal. Be careful, take these precautions. Hopefully, this information is going to help you to protect your asset. Give me a call, if any real estate questions you have. We'll be happy to help you. My name is Shawn Bhakta from Remax Presidential South Florida Home Finder Team.

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